WACommerce technology makes it easier for businesses to bid on the $977-Billion in federal and state dollars that a variety of agencies and the military spends each year with civilian contractors. For example, more than half of all military purchases are non-weapons items such as textiles, furniture, food, and professional services. Other local, state and private sector business opportunities add additional millions of dollars many of which WACommerce can locate.

WACommerce and its members are focused on Bringing More Business to Washington & Keeping Local Dollars Local! - Millions of dollars in revenue are lost in Washington and in the Northwest every year to out of state companies that could be best resourced locally. Many businesses, due to inexperience and the extended process of bidding on government contracts, leave large volumes of money on the table. Our business development support center will help educate you on the registration and bidding process and help you every step of the way. WACommerce opens more partnership and teaming opportunities and more federal, state, local and private contracting opportunities to you in your area while securely matching registered contract holders, subcontractors and other qualified bidders from the convenience of your desktop computer.

How WACommerce Works

Receive notification of new business opportunities including bid notices, request for proposals, contracting opportunities, and advance notices from federal, state, local, municipal government agencies, and the private sector including prime contractors and other large corporations to include a search feature for new employees. WACommerce offers a unique subcontracting piece for members businesses to network and search for each other to support contracts. Prime contractors can locate subcontractors, subcontractors can find partnership/teaming opportunities to help secure contracts.

Though most of us are familiar with the nine- and ten-figure contracts that make the news, there are thousands of opportunities at levels far below that, to include expedited or direct buy purchases of less than $3,500 and ongoing contracts for less than $25,000. Not all these direct buys have to be publicly posted, at least not at the federal level. Contracts in excess of $35,000 must be posted. Still, the case remains the same with each - the need for an efficient mechanism that matches opportunities with local vendors capable of doing the work.

WAComerce is a powerful economic development engine that retains revenues and creates jobs by:

  • Expanding contracting opportunities for local and regional businesses
  • Creating an environment where subcontractors and prime contractors can easily find one another.
  • Simplifying the bidding process for both contract and purchase card holders, and qualified vendors.
  • Recruiting new industries who value proximity to contract holders.
  • Create an environment in which money stays in the community where a project is located.
  • Working together city governments, chambers of commerce & purchasing offices can easily add their contract & sales opportunities for businesses to review
  • Matches the interests of government, business, and employees; it produces a win-win situation for all three.
  • Expose your company to more local and national government and corporate buyers.
  • New businesses unfamiliar with federal contracts locally and nationally can easily find opportunities and bid on them.
  • Market your products and services directly to buyers.
  • Search resumes for qualified skilled employees for your business.
  • Gives both employers and potential workers a means of matching job opportunities to individual skills, such as web designers seeking freelance contracts or fulltime employment.
  • WACommerce provides a greater number local opportunities focused on stimulating the economy.

Agency Benefits — WACommerce facilitates contact for operational purposes — example an agency needs something done and a local vendor can do it. For instance, a farmer near the Camp Lejeune N.C. Marine Base won a $50,000 contract for planting grass on firing ranges. The Marine Corps had a need to maintain the land, and prevent erosion and runoff while the farmer found an unexpected business partner. The Marines certainly have the manpower to do the work themselves, but at what cost to both the Corps' primary mission and in dollar terms. In this instance, both sides were well-served and the value to contract holders which does not stop there:

WACommerce Economic Growth and TOWS Analysis

Network with Washington State Businesses — the Right Choice.

  • Find qualified bidders in close proximity to cut costs
  • Improve relations with local business community
  • Be a catalyst of economic development
  • The electronic bidding (RFP or Reverse Auction) will enable savings of 9% to 11% *VentureStats
  • Feature Rich reporting system
  • Find vendors with specific certifications (HUBZone, 8a, vet-owned, minority-owned, etc.)
  • Post contracts and sub-contracts
  • Get complete transparency of contracting process with the audit module to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse
  • Provide improved access to the local job market to include military dependents
  • Learn about the capabilities of local/regional/state businesses
  • Search for small and large government & local contracting opportunities as well as government purchase & impact card opportunities
  • Know who the decision-makers are within bidding companies; no more scrambling for contract information
  • Streamline the bid submission process to weed out unqualified or inapplicable vendors
  • Monitor the bid-submission process in real-time from your digital dashboard desktop interface
  • Take advantage of the built-in ecommerce module to pre-qualify contractors and conduct reverse auctions to get competitive pricing
  • Analyze bidding and industry trends with respect to contract awards with custom reports

Business Benefits

We provide more opportunities in Washington from one central location. Can't find your favorite resource, let us know! In most cases we can add it to our growing database. Each business day offers thousands of prospects and potential business opportunities that you can bid on or partner with other companies to help secure contracts. Without a tool like WACommerce, businesses are actively eliminating themselves from consideration for the billions of dollars in contracts that federal, state governments, local and private agencies awards each year. Many of those contracts are in a financial range that a small business would be comfortable pursuing; all contracts run into the millions of dollars is not a true statement.

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