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GovCart is a secure federally compliant ecommerce business solution which allows members to sell products and services directly to government procurement offices and private buyers. Our goal is to provide the best source & service for suppliers in the region by connecting vendors directly with buyers and the local community. There are a vast number and a wide variety of government buyers and government officials out there. These decision makers are an important source of contract work: states, cities, school districts, universities, port authorities, library systems, public hospitals, and other tax-funded entities all buy products and services from the private sector. Complete the Registration form to receive additional information - Vendor Registration

What is the GovCart all about?
GovCart is an Online eCommerce Shopping Center for your products and services. GovCart makes buying commodities simple. Your business working Smarter. Not Harder! Proven, Affective and Compliant, search for products and services your business needs or as a vendor, post your products and services in GovCart and sell your products directly to buyers at no additional cost. Government agencies welcome the fact that the GovCart ecommerce support system is federally compliant and a secure program that offers both GSA and non-GSA products. Vendors can save time and energy by offering your products in a market place and format government and private buyers can easily use.

Attention federal, state, local government buyers, private and corporate buyers, WACommerce provides GovCart a local one-stop marketplace solution that enables you to find the right vendors and procure the exact products and services you need quickly and easily. If you can.t find what looking for here contact our office and we will search for a local vendor interested in providing that product or service for you.

Listing your products and services as a WACommerce (GovCart) government and local supplier shows buyers that you have the items they need on hand, will accept all major credit cards to include government credit cards, and can ship within 72 hours or arrange drop off or pick up options. As a supplier, there.s never been an easier, more cost effective way to reach the local buyers and the government market. You can reach Government purchasing (PCard) professionals, local businesses and individuals at the instant they are ready to buy!

Buyers Know Your Suppliers
Buyers have the opportunity to purchase a vendors standard products and services, discounted items, surplus or overstocked items directly from suppliers. Example: Manufacturers can supply construction companies and subcontracting opportunities with minimal effort.

Vendors & General Suppliers
Making simple commodity buys easier. GovCart. is a federally compliant market place solution for your business. Post and respond to contracts. Connect directly with federal, state, local and private buyers for your products and services. The Buyer will issue the order directly to you in the form of either a purchase order (PO), major credit card or purchase card (PCard) authorization. Therefore, all orders, regardless of payment method (PO, CC or PCard), will consist of the pricing submitted online, plus the associated WACommerce transaction fee and applicable government contract access fees if incorporated online. The WACommerce Fee is structured not-to-exceed 1.5%... For example, if you secure a direct buy opportunity or ongoing purchase opportunity and your product(s) sale price was $200.00, the Buyer will view and accepted the price of $203.00. Vendor Registration

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