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Remove Your Current Limitations with Mobile Access find and Win Government, Regional, state and private contracts. Check solicitations, Awards, RFP/RFQ information and network with other contractors right from your Smartphone or Tablet!

FREE WACommerce Mobile APP is available for all Android© and iPhone© users and there are NO subscription costs!
WACommerce.MoBi APP Features
  • Search Federal Contracts Nationally
  • Gain Direct Access to State, Local & Private Contracts
  • Advertise your business on thousands of Smartphones
  • Access Industry News and up to date solicitation information
  • Education- review suggested reading materials
  • Periodic discounted services offered

Our emphasis is on "Bringing Business to Washington & Keeping Local Dollars Local!!" We understand that Prime Contractors and Out of State Vendors have access to thousands of Federal Contracts whether they use WACommerce or another service provider. We help foster more partnerships and teaming opportunities with Washington.s local business community. Prime contractors across the U.S., who have won contracts or seeking to secure contracts would rather work with local businesses right here in Washington who know our communities best. Washington's vibrant business community is very interested in working with out of state companies who win contracts as subcontractors and local subject matter experts.

WACommerce.MoBi- allows you to search and view bids in your local area nearly anywhere across the nation. Access timely information on a variety of business opportunities, RFP.s, solicitations, RFQ.s, RFI.s and contract award notices from all federal government agencies and departments, with full access to public data available from FBO.Gov and Fedbizopps websites. This app provides access to .ALL. US Federal Government opportunities above $25,000 for execution in the US as well as business opportunities outside the US.

Accessing our main database provides access to thousands of opportunities under the $25,000 federal minimum limit in Washington. Many of these opportunities provide great prospects for small businesses.

Hundreds of users have discovered the WACommerce.MoBi app since it was recently released and have found that it provides the fastest and easiest access to US Federal Government contract opportunities on the go! For those businesses and vendors interested specifically in Washington State, for a nominal fee, through WACommerce.MoBi app you can access our unique local database of state, local, regional, private contracts, subcontracts and other business opportunities. This app is a must have for any individuals or company. who are doing business or who wants to start doing business with the City, State and Federal Government. Stay informed with real time procurement news, upcoming seminars, workshops, procurement conferences, contract opportunities and special programs for which you may qualify. The App contains a comprehensive source of in-depth procurement information and resources, allowing you to make confident, informed decisions in virtually the area of supplying your product or services or partnering with others.

To Download our FREE APP Visit www.WACommerce.MoBi.

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