We offer training, special workshops, webinars and seminars designed to help businesses in the local and federal government marketplace increase their bottom line. We have established relationships with various local services and national agencies in support of our members. We offer consulting services at a variety levels to support your business needs and budget. We believe in a CRAWL, WALK & RUN approach to training, and education in the government market space and provide free assistance as well as pay as you go or complete program and training support... Recommend registering with WACommerce Contract Bid-Matching Portal to locate contracts and other business opportunities. Members receive reduced rates on all products and services.

Training & Coaching

Training is provided on (4) levels from the new business starting out to the seasoned business in government contracting. Visit our Resource Center for Free downloads, Do It Yourself Kits, Software Solutions, Onsite Training, First Contract & Coaching Programs.

We are proud members of the Government Contractors Association. GCA is the training & coaching standard utilized by WACommerce consultant team.

Not a Government Contractors Association Member yet? We are currently offering a combined membership to take advantage of many new products, programs and training services.

Gain access to comprehensive training & resources along with access to the robust WACommerce Bid-Match platform special rates available during registration.

**WACommerce & Government Contractors Association will be hosting a Government Contracting Bootcamp — in the 3rd Quarter of 2016 and two more sessions in 2017. SEATING IS LIMITED for this Phenomenal Training.

Discounts available for WACommerce & Government Contractors Association Members & Early Registration.

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