"Bringing More Business to Washington & Keeping Local Dollars Local!"

WACommerce is a premier business development and leads resource for federal, state, local and private contracts, subcontracts and direct sales opportunities and is a value added resource for your organization and the local business community. City Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Agencies and Private Sector Business Development Centers now have a unique resource to help their local business community at No Cost.

Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, and WACommerce.com as a value added service that dovetails perfectly with those goals. At its core, this is a digital convergence technology whose proper use will result in expanded opportunities for local businesses, new job creation, and many other benefits attendant to economic growth.

Our major focus is on Bringing Business to Washington & Keeping Local Dollars Local! and we strives to support greater diversity among manufacturers and suppliers, between small and large companies and a variety of other disadvantaged businesses. With the backing of Fortune 500 technology partners our local .developers. have worked hard to create a system that supports procurement offices, suppliers, contractors, job seekers, buyers and business to business communication through one central location with a supporting environment. WACommerce is the type of resource most businesses need, but feel are missing the real support to grow and thrive — Access and Connectivity is the key.

Not all bid matching services are created equally. WACommerce was developed through years of research and feedback from the business community which has made our service very unique. Today's markets are characterized by rapid change and growing complexity. The challenge for small business is to make practical resource choices that can help them adapt to change. Effective choices reflect the shared interests of businesses, the communities they belong to, and the environment.

Benefits to your Agency

WACommerce facilitates contact for operational purposes; an agency needs something done and a local vendor can do it. For instance, a farmer near the Camp Lejeune N.C. Marine Base won a $50,000 contract for planting grass on firing ranges. The Marine Corps had a need to maintain the land, and prevent erosion and runoff while the farmer found an unexpected business partner. The Marines certainly have the manpower to do the work themselves, but at what cost to both the Corps. primary mission and in dollar terms. In this instance, both sides were well-served and the value to contract holders which does not stop there:

  • There is NO Cost to the agency or organization. Many software applications require financial contribution from the agency to use the service. GovCart is the latest asset that will be operating here in WA.
  • Find qualified bidders in close proximity to cut costs
  • Supports Procurement Offices . through direct access to the local community
  • Only WACommerce.com offers GovCart. a federally secure & compliant ecommerce business solution which allows members to sell products and services directly to government procurement offices and private buyers.
  • Post local employment opportunities
  • Improve relations with local business community
  • Be a catalyst of economic development
  • Working together city governments, chambers of commerce & purchasing offices can easily add their contract & sales opportunities for businesses to review
  • Matches the interests of government, business, and employees; it produces a win-win situation for all three.
  • Find vendors with specific certifications (HUBZone, 8a, vet-owned, minority-owned, etc.)
  • Post local and regional contracts and sub-contracts
  • Get complete transparency of contracting process with the audit module to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse
  • Provide improved access to the local job market to include military dependents
  • Learn about the capabilities of local/regional/state businesses
  • Search for purchase card & impact card holder opportunities
  • Get to Know who the decision-makers are within bidding companies; no more scrambling for contract information
  • Streamline the bid submission process to weed out unqualified or inapplicable vendors

Job Seekers

WACommerce FREE Resume postings and online job application process, applicants can create and manage their profile through a secure user account, and use the profile information to apply for multiple jobs. Job seekers can select keywords that speak to their skills and qualifications, and participating employers can post job openings. Individuals are notified of pertinent opportunities for which they can apply and businesses expanding the labor pool beyond job seekers whose primary hunting ground is the classified section of a newspaper. This is an ideal feature in communities with a heavy government presence, whether federal or state, military or civilian: Applicants will also be able to monitor the status of their job application during the selection process.

Please join us as we support our local business community. Register your agency or organization here to gain access to this service.

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