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WACommerce is focused on "Bringing More Business to Washington & Keeping Local Dollars Local!" by providing one of the largest number of federal and local opportunities focused on stimulating our local economy. WACommerce is a powerful economic development tool and a "conduit for opportunity" for companies who enroll in a (G to B to I) Government to Business to Individual program which assists companies and individuals find and successfully secure private, local, state and federal government contracts, subcontracts and local job opportunities. WACommerce matches businesses to government contracts, government purchasers to suppliers, and job seekers to job opportunities.

Vendors in any given community are positioned to provide services ranging from food contracts, construction, remodeling, furniture, and carpentry to road paving, painting, auto parts, and plumbing to landscaping, general maintenance and professional services. Outsourcing is hardly limited to the private sector; effective government offloads the tasks that are not part of its expertise to businesses who are specialists, not only creating economic opportunity for the companies involved but also saving the taxpayer money.

Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, and WACommerce as a value added resource dovetails perfectly with those goals. At its core, this is a digital convergence technology whose proper use will result in expanded opportunities for local businesses, new job creation, and many other benefits attendant to economic growth.

As stated earlier, WACommerce serves multiple groups; that is a major part of the technology's appeal. It also provides the intangible benefit of developing a sense of community wherein institutions and organizations not accustomed to seeking each other out can work together in a mutually beneficial manner.

Contract holder (government & private agency) benefits; For the agency, the task is simple: specific work needs to be done and the procurement officer is charged with marrying up the contract with a vendor. WACommerce businesses have the capability to secure these contracts locally along with the additional benefits below.

Business benefits
Each business day offers thousands of prospects and potential business and direct buying opportunities. Without a tool like WACommerce, businesses are actively eliminating themselves from consideration for the billions of dollars in contracts that government, local and private sectors award each year. Many of those contracts are in a financial range that a small business would be comfortable pursuing; all contracts run into the millions of dollars is not a true statement.

Vendors & General Suppliers * Digital Gateway Coming Soon
Making simple commodity buys easier. GovCart. is a federally compliant market place solution for your business. Post and respond to contracts. Connect directly with federal, state, local and private buyers for your products and services. The Buyer will issue the order directly to you in the form of either a purchase order (PO), major credit card or purchase card (PCard) authorization. Therefore, all orders, regardless of payment method (PO, CC or PCard), will consist of the pricing submitted online, plus the associated WACommercetransaction fee and applicable government contract access fees if incorporated online. The WACommerce Fee is structured not-to-exceed 1.5%... For example, if you secure a direct buy opportunity or ongoing purchase opportunity and your product(s) sale price was $200.00, the Buyer will view and accepted the price of $203.00. Vendor Registration here

Generate Sales Leads
Market your business, products and services to federal, state local government and private agencies and corporate buyers through GovCart and in some cases through the GSA system.

Get Business Opportunities
Get matched bid opportunities from federal, state and local governments, public agencies, and the private sector based on your preferences such as keywords and industrial categories.
Identify Business Partners
Increase your competitiveness by collaborating with teaming partners. Post and respond to teaming and subcontracting opportunities with WACommerce BidMatch system. Create your own Subcontract Opportunities for local businesses. Locate Local Suppliers for products and services.

Research Markets
Identify competitors. Research your local and national market to figure out which agencies have bought your products and services before.

Economic Development Benefits
Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, and WACommerce dovetails perfectly with those goals. At its core, this is a technology whose proper use will result in expanded opportunities for local businesses, new job creation, and many other benefits attendant to economic growth.

GovCart - eCommerce Exchange
WACommerce's revolutionary online commerce engine is designed with the Government Procurement Officer, PCard Holders and sellers in mind. GovCart provides a unique set of powerful features that empowers virtually any size business to offer their products and services to virtually any individual, business or government agency; it.s secure and extremely easy to use. Purchase Card Holders are usually required to compare 3 sources before purchasing a product. With GovCart PCard holders can easily and quickly review and select products you offer. Using GovCart, businesses can now receive payments from government agencies online without the extreme costs many merchant providers demand.

Coming Soon-GovCart is only available through WACommerce
< br /> PCard capabilities for your products
PCard (also known as a Procurement or Purchasing Card) is a credit card that is administered by a purchasing department for business-related purchases. GovCart allows you to sell your products directly to buyers. The purchasing department designates the PCard holders, allowing them to place orders without requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, or approvals. The PCard is the property of that organization. Purchasing Card (PCard) is the preferred method of payment for nearly all federal and state agencies for high-volume, low-dollar-amount purchases such as supplies, books, and subscriptions.

Qualified Consultants
Our consultants have years of experience in Federal, State and Local bid and procurement opportunities and can assist you with getting started. We also provide periodic workshops to help educate new businesses in the contracting and subcontracting arena.

*Coming Soon Free Mobile APP
WACommerce FREE Mobile AppRemove Your Current Limitations with Mobile Access find and Win Government, Regional, state and private contracts. Check solicitations, Awards, RFP/RFQ information network with other contractors right from your Smartphone! GSA Schedule Vendor
WACommerce simplifies the GSA schedule process. To become a GSA Schedule contractor, a vendor must first submit an offer in response to the appropriate GSA Schedule solicitation. WACommerce associate partners will send each registrant explicit, detailed guidelines outlining the corporate data each registrant should gather in advance and submit to WACommerce consultants. Our associate partners help streamline the registration process and improve potential acceptance of your products and/or services in the GSA Schedule system.

"This is a great service for me. I sell office supplies and had no idea that I could sell to government agencies. Through my digital dashboard, I see several opportunities every day. I made my first sale of 1,000 binders and now they keep reordering from me!"

- Dave Minter

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